JALY Transitions, Incorporated


The mission of JALY Transitions, Incorporated (JTI) is to facilitate the behavior management of life transitions via a paradigm of systems, channels, services and interventions for appropriate internal and external behavioral change.

Business Profile

 JALY Transitions, Incorporated (JTI), a behavioral communications firm providing professional counseling, consulting, training and ancillary services, evolved from a counseling-consulting service company, JAY Transitions, co-founded by Dr. Josef A. Young and Dr. Joyce Ann Lynom Young in 1977. Dr. Joyce Ann Lynom Young restructured this service company in 1995 as JALY Transitions, Incorporated. The JTI Mission is to facilitate change in internal and external core behavioral communications systems through diverse service channels.

The JTI Behavioral Communications Paradigm was designed to reflect the JTI mission, and  this Paradigm embodies the following core systems: Personal Communications Systems, Partner Communications Systems, Family Communications Systems, Social Communications Systems, and Career Communications Systems. This paradigm employs introactive and interactive service channels to promote client and patient lifespan transitions. These channels (including counseling, consulting, life coaching, training and providing ancillary services) are practiced in tandem with the JTI core communications systems.

The JTI firm specializes in providing channel services that address motivational lifespan behaviors, leadership development, and corporate culture diversity issues within the Career Communications Systems core. It also specializes in short-term counseling and psychotherapy. Additionally, JTI addresses needs related to the following (a) populations, (b) organizations, (c) entities, (d) modalities and (e) issues:  Individual , Group, Career, Marriage and Family, Multicultural/Diversity, Special Populations (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Geriatric/Aged, Men, Women, Military, Veterans Disabled/Challenged) Grief and Bereavement, Crisis Intervention, Addictions and Offenders, Holistic/Wellness, School, Church, Business, Industry, Government, EAP Leadership Development, Human Relations, Corporate Cultures, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Motivation, Assessment, Referral, Image and Personal Development, Attitude Modification, Behavior Management, Behavior Development, Behavior Enhancement, Courses, Academies, Institutes, Seminars, Speeches, Workshops, Research, Writing and Evaluation.

The JTI Behavioral Communications Systems Paradigm primarily embraces behavioral theories and techniques; however, other approaches, theories and techniques (including cognitive, psychodynamic, humanistic, and floral arts therapy) are practiced when deemed appropriate,.

The professional practitioners in this multi-disciplinary firm are licensed and experienced.  

 Dr. Joyce Ann Lynom Young, Behavioral Scientist and JTI President/CEO/Practitioner,  is state licensed and national board certified.